Inviting your Suppliers

Want to receive extended payments for their services? Quickly and easily invite your suppliers to manage your invoices with 40Seas

You understand that your relationship with your supplier is essential for your business, which is why it can be tricky to introduce a new service. At 40Seas we work to make sure that the platform is beneficial for both you as the buyer, and your supplier. 


How Do I Introduce My Supplier to 40Seas 

There are several ways of introducing your supplier to 40Seas, however the simplest way is at the click of a button. Simply log into your dashboard, and on the left hand menu click the button 'Invite Supplier'. You can fill in your supplier name and email address and an email invitation will be sent to them. Our team will also be notified to reach out to your supplier to support their onboarding process. 


Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 12.39.24You can also reach out to your supplier with an introduction email and cc us at Our team will follow up on your email to set up a meeting with your supplier. 


My supplier doesn't understand what 40Seas is, how do I explain it?

40Seas works as a factoring service. With our suppliers, we sign a one-time agreement with them, which allow us to factor your invoice. Signing this agreement does not create any obligation for the supplier to use our service, or use our service for every invoice. 

They will have their own dashboard where they can easily see all their buyers and manage their invoices. 

The main benefit for suppliers is that it is a low cost way to reduce risk (without taking out extra insurance), receive guaranteed, upfront payment, and digitally manage their invoices. 


The best way to onboard your supplier is to let them see it for themselves. Reach out to the 40Seas team to schedule a demo for your supplier and give them the opportunity to ask any questions they have.