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Pre-Approval Screening for Suppliers

Want to know who would be a good fit for your partnership with 40Seas? We now provide a pre-screening service for suppliers!

If you have a large customer base and want to know who would be a good candidate for credit, you can submit a pre-screening for their business. This is a very easy and discreet process to understand our capacity to support your buyers, before you introduce them to 40Seas. 

How Do I Submit my Buyers for Pre-Screening 

In order to submit your buyer for pre-screening, all you have to do is 

  • Log into your 40Seas Dashboard https://dashboard.40seas.com/signup 
  • Select '+ Add Buyer' on your top right menu 
  • Add the legal name, country, address (DUNS number if applicable), and credit limit your buyer would need for your invoice and submit 

See our video above for a tutorial on submitting your buyer for Pre-Screening 


Once you have submitted your pre-screening request, our credit team will evaluate the publicly available information we have for your buyer in order to determine if we can likely offer them credit. Response time from our team typically is between 1-3 business days, depending on how much information we have available. 


FAQ's For Pre-Screening 


1. If my buyer does not pass pre-screening does that mean you cannot work with them? 

While we may not have the information available to us to pass your buyer for pre-screening, we can re-evaluate a credit limit request if we receive new financial information from your buyer. Our team will be in contact with you regarding the buyers we cannot approve for pre-screening based on missing information. 


2. Will you share the reason why you cannot pre-approve my buyer with me?

Our review process is completely private for the buyer and we do not share any financial information with suppliers. We will let you know whether or not the buyer can be supported based on our eligibility criteria, but we will not share financial details related to the buyers credit worthiness. If we are missing information, we will communicate to you what we need from the buyer.


3. Will my buyer know that I submitted them for a pre-screening? 

Our pre-screening process is completely discreet and can be done without involvement from the buyer. However, in order to proceed with the credit application and receive invoices from you, the buyer must sign up and connect a payment method. 


4. My buyer was approved for pre-screening, can I start uploading invoices for them?

 Once your buyer is pre-approved, in order to begin receiving your invoices with net terms, your buyer must finish the sign-up process. You can send your buyer your invitation link and then they will be able to fill in their details and finish the credit application process. 


Need Help Getting Started? 

If you want to get started pre-approving your customer base reach out to us for help at contact@40Seas.com 

You can also reach out to us here