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User Management

How to invite users to your supplier dashboard and manage their permissions

How do I Invite Someone to my Supplier Dashboard?

To invite another user to your dashboard simply; 


Go to the left hand menu and select 'Users' 

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 15.39.31

Click the 'invite' icon on the right hand side 

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 14.44.51

Add the email of the person you want to add as a user and select the level of permission you want that user to have 
Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 15.38.50


If you are a multi-tenant organization, you can choose to give your user access to 1 or more of your tenants 

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 15.40.53

What is a 'tenant'?

A tenant is a subcategory of your supplier dashboard. Some suppliers have several offices in different countries and their 'tenants' represent the different offices who deal only with certain customers


User Permission Types

There are 3 main permission types that you can assign to someone within your organization

1)  Viewer 

2)  Invoice Coordinator 

3)  Buyer Management 


This is the user with the lowest level of permission. This user is able to access the supplier dashboard and view relevant information such as external ID's, invoice dates, amounts and attachments, and other users. Please note that this viewer only has permission to view the dashboard, but they cannot perform actions. 

Invoice Coordinator 

This user has the same permissions as the Viewer, however in addition they have more functionality around the invoices and credit requests of the buyers. 

This type of user may 

  • Send buyers an invitation link to 40Seas 
  • Send buyers a link to approve their invoice 
  • Add invoices to buyers and attach documents to the invoice 
  • Add a credit request to the buyer 
  • Send buyers link to add their payment details 

The administrator of your organization can change the level of permissions for their users at anytime 

Buyer Management 

This user has similar permissions to the invoice coordinator (with some key differences), however they have additional functionalities in regards to the buyers.


This type of user may 

  • Edit the business information of the buyer 
  • Create a credit request under a buyer 
  • Send buyers an invitation link to 40Seas 
  • Send buyers link to add their payment details 

This type of user cannot:

  • Add or cancel invoices
  • Attach documents to invoices 

This type of permission is ideal for someone who works in customer support, but does not deal directly with finance