What Can I do with my 40Seas Credit?

From financing transport to inventory costs, learn what you can do with a 40Seas credit line

We are excited to share with you how you can leverage your 40Seas credit limit to finance key areas of your business. With flexible net terms, you can better manage all aspects of your trade costs, including shipping, cargo, and inventory financing.

Shipping & Cargo Financing 

With international shipping company ZIM as one of our key strategic partners, we understand the need for flexible payment terms on your shipping costs. This includes freight charges, fees, and other logistical expenses. Financing your shipping costs with 40Seas allows you to cover and plan for these expenses seamlessly, ensuring a timely flow of goods without straining your capital. 

Our service also doesn't stop when your goods hit the port. You can also use your credit line to finance cargo and warehouse costs. 


Inventory Financing

Make your cash flow work for you by using your credit towards purchasing inventory from your suppliers. 

How does it work? After you invite your supplier, they will upload your invoice to your 40Seas dashboard. After you confirm the details you can confirm the invoice. We then pay your supplier upfront, and then you will pay the invoice to 40Seas with your extended terms. This allows you up to 90 days to put your capital towards marketing and selling your goods. Payments are made simply and automatically by direct debit, so there is no need for wires or complicated bank transactions.  



Want to know how to receive payment terms on your invoices? 


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