I Don't Have Enough Credit; How to Request an Increase

Learn how to request an increase to your credit line to accommodate your growing business needs

At 40Seas, we understand that your business needs evolve over time, and sometimes the credit line you started with isn't enough to keep up. Here we have compiled a guide on the steps of requesting an increase. 

Requesting Credit  

Once you know how much credit you expect to need for your supplier invoices, you can simply reach out to our customer success team at contact@40seas.com and let us know that you wish to request an increase. Once you submit your request we will forward your case to our credit team to evaluate. 

You can also submit your request on your dashboard via our Live Chat feature!

Requirements for Increasing Credit 

Depending on the amount of credit you are requesting, our team may ask for additional information to evaluate your request. Below are some of the most common pieces of information we use to evaluate your request;

  1. Your Payment History; While you may start with a smaller limit, after your first few successful payments with 40Seas our team can reevaluate your limit 
  2. Updated Financials; In order to evaluate your request, our team may ask for your most recent financials such as your tax return for the most recent tax year, or your financial report for the last fiscal year. This gives our team a more up-to-date view of your business's financial health and needs. 



Once our credit team reviews your updated information we can typically provide you a result within 1-2 business days. Your increased credit limit can be used for your current suppliers, as well as new suppliers you wish to receive payment terms with. To find out more about what you can use your credit limit for you can read our article here


To begin a request to increase your credit limit contact us here